About Us

The Beginning

The idea for FishWare Outfitters began in the summer of 2012, by two brothers, Trey and Chandler Ware. The inspiration emerged during a conversation on a fishing excursion in the Florida Keys. The two brothers could not find a perfect harmony of quality, price, performance, and comfort in the fishing apparel that was currently on the market. As avid saltwater anglers themselves, they began their market testing by gathering fellow anglers testimonials and experiences with various apparel already on the market.


After countless discussions, it seemed that the needs of our sport were not being met. FishWare Outfitters strives to offer apparel that’s fundamental purpose is “fishability”. These corporate companies were missing the mark, and not providing consumers with the quintessential needs of the harsh saltwater environment. It is our mission to create apparel that embodies the needs and passions of all anglers.


The FishWare Outfitters concept soon turned into reality, offering the unique combination of personal experiences into every product. Our company goes to great lengths to provide products that are tailored to meet the needs of every consumer. Ideas do not get lost in translation, and every product is created with a full day on the water in mind.


The founders, Trey and Chandler, are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle. They felt the market was in need of a classic anglers’ apparel. They do not employ gimmicky sayings or falsified testimonials. FishWare Outfitters values our customers, and our products are lab tested to ensure quality.


As a new business, we have received a lot of guidance from our parent company The Inkspot Screen Printing, which has been meeting customers’ needs for over 30 years. Their knowledge of the industry has allowed our products to quickly make a presence. FishWare Outfitters has received tremendous feed back from our customers, and we hope you will be just as satisfied with your purchases.


The Future

With the first winter in business under our belt, we were able to learn and grow. We received great advice and feedback from all the boat shows and fishing tournaments we attended.


At FishWare Outfitters, we are continually looking for new ways to grow and expand our brand through both retail and wholesale markets. This coming season is sure to be busy, with a full schedule of boat shows and fishing tournaments lined up.


The team at Fishware Outfitters has the unique ability to print custom logos and designs for marinas, lodges, fishing tournaments, etc. These custom orders are a great way to help advertise your event or business. We are always willing to sponsor fishing tournaments, and contract wholesale accounts. The relationships we build from these orders are tremendous, leading to great partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We will continue providing this service into the future, and hope we can supply any custom products that you may need.


If we are not yet in a store near you, all of our great products are available for purchase through our website. We appreciate your business, and if you enjoy the products, be sure to recommend them to you friends. We anticipate FishWare Outfitters coming to a store near you soon.


The Products

We strive to set ourselves apart from other companies by providing the highest quality apparel for reasonable prices. During our testing and development we sourced many different fabrics until the right combination of comfort, durability, and protection was found.


The Performance Microfiber Line stands out among other shirts in its class. They are thinner, softer, and have better airflow, while offering superb UPF 40+ sun protection. We also offer a wide variety of colors and designs. The line comes in both men and women’s styles. The designs on these shirts are minimal and classy; we want the material and fabric to be the focus.


Our Guide Series shirts were developed with the serious angler in mind. These shirts were tested and approved by Florida Keys charter captains. They offer functionality, durability, and ultimate in sun protection. The thin nylon weave resists tears and snags, while the pockets provide quick access to essential tackle. Guide Series shirts are also packed with the industries highest rating for sun protection. A certification of UPF 50+ means 99% of harmful UV rays are blocked.